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Our Favorite #GRLPWR OzoThings

Girls just wanna have fun…and code! For this month’s OzoThings, we’ve rounded up some our all-time favorite #GRLPWR content shared by our OzoSquad. Being that March is Women’s History Month, and that one of our missions is to get more girls interested in STEAM, this theme was a no-brainer! Girl power!

A Real OzoBlockly Gem

Sweet, four-year-old, Opal used the Pre-reader level in OzoBlockly to code her name with Ozobot! Her mom, Marcie, showed her how to program their Bit to move in a square. Promptly after, Opal worked on her own to program a diamond. The mom and daughter duo then proceeded to work together to create a code that would allow their bot to spell out Opal’s name! It is never too soon to introduce coding! 

Middle School Girls Can Code

Some of the girls in Courtney Hale’s seventh grade class designed their own Ozobot activities using Google draw! We love the engagement and the creativity of these girls’ ideas. It always makes us happy to see older students learning with Ozobots, too! 

Barbie Girl in a Robot World

The lessons and activities that Ozobot Certified Educator, Rene Perry, comes up with are always so inspiring! Who would have thought to combine Barbie with Ozobots and Color Codes?! Also, we had no idea there was a Barbie robotics engineer doll! (Adds to Amazon shopping list)

Girls Love Evo

What’s not to love about sweet little Evo? Tiemo Duarte’s fifth grade students programmed two Evos to meet, depart, and sigh. Such a cute, romantic, short story of robot love! We just hope this story doesn’t end like Romeo and Juliet. We’d much rather have a happily ever after!

Coding With the Troop

Girl Scout troops, that is! CodeForce welcomed Girl Scout Troop #58 to their World Headquarters to earn their robotics badges. They completed Ozobot activities and look like they were super engaged the entire time! 


We love these photos of Ozobot Certified Educator, Nikki Jones’ students caring for Evo like a baby. These girls are like little mamas to their class set of Evos, and we think it is the absolute cutest! 

In April, we will feature our next round up of favorite OzoThings, so stay tuned! Be sure to tag us in your Ozobot creations, new and old, to be featured next month! Just tag us @Ozobot and/or #OzoSquad! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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