Our Favorite OzoThings: Full Of OzoLove

Happy February, #OzoSquad! This month is filled with LOVE and we are here for it. One of our favorite things is to see how enamored your students are with Ozobots. It brings us so much joy to help cultivate their love for coding.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Our Favorite OzoThings post for this month has everything to do with L-O-V-E. 

STEM Valentine

We are all familiar with paper Valentine’s Day cards, but have you ever seen a STEM Valentine? Caitlin Quarrington’s students made this sweet, innovative, and interactive one for her this year. Talk about bringing your Valentine’s Day card to life! What a cool way to use Evo to show your love!

Love, Ozobot

“He can turn HOT PINK!” The excitement of this young girl when her bot turns the color of her drawn heart warmed ours! Anne Bianchi’s class used Ozobot Bits to explore screen-free coding using only markers and paper and our patented Color Codes. Such a fun way to introduce coding concepts to the younger students! 

P.S. I Love You

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about the sad romance movie with Hilary Swank. We love this video from Mrs. Devine from her students celebrating P.S. I Love You Day! Not only did we enjoy how they incorporated Ozobot, but P.S. I Love You Day is all about bringing awareness to the importance of mental health and decreasing bullying, something that we fully support here at Ozobot! 

Ozobot Finds Love

Jennifer Trattner’s students got to help their bots find love with our Ozobot Finds Love lesson from our lesson library in Ozobot Classroom! We love this activity because it allows students to think critically to create the correct path to visit each letter  in  the  word  “LOVE” and it can be adapted to higher grade levels as well! 

OzoLove At Home

Having an Ozobot Certified Educator as a mom must be the best thing ever! Nikki Jones’ boys get to play and do challenges with Evo at home. We love how this seemingly basic heart decorating activity turned into an Ozobot one when Evo came out to play! 

Stay tuned for next month’s OzoThings post and be sure to share your creations on social media and use #Ozobot for a chance to be featured! We can’t wait to see what you create! 

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