Celebrating Love with STEAM

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate expressions of love, including kindness, friendship, and compassion. In this blog post, we’ve compiled Valentine’s-themed STEAM activities you can integrate into your classroom, for students in grades kindergarten and above. 

Valentine’s Day Card Exchange:

Organize a class-wide Valentine’s Day card exchange. Each student can create and decorate their own cards or bring in candy grams to share with their classmates.

Students can create their own color coded card with Color Code Markers. First, by drawing a heart or Valentine’s Day image of their choice and adding in direction and special moves codes. After, student’s can program Evo to follow their line drawings.

Decorate the Classroom:

Have a classroom decorating party where students can create heart-themed decorations like  heart-shaped paper chains to display around the room. Consider using construction paper and other craft supplies.

Valentine’s Day Crafts:

Plan a craft station with various Valentine’s Day crafts such as making heart-shaped flower pots out of foam and other supplies, paper heart garland, a heart-themed picture frame, Valentine ornaments, and more!

Students can also create Valentine’s Day themed costumes for their Ozobot Evo out of craft supplies. Once your classroom is finished, plan to have an Ozobot Valentine’s Parade!

Valentine’s Day Bingo:

Play Valentine’s Day-themed bingo with heart-shaped bingo cards. Use candy hearts or small stickers as markers. Grand prize can be can be a box of candy!

Valentine’s Day Party:

Host a Valentine’s Day party with themed snacks and treats. Students can contribute by bringing in heart-shaped cookies, fruit snacks, or other festive treats.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve released two new lessons all about LOVE and STEAM!

Valentine’s Day

In this STEAM activity, students will fill out their activity sheet with positive affirmations, then program Ozobot to travel along the red heart to celebrate the day of love!

Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering/Tech, SEL/Digital Citizenship

Grades: K-2

Download Lesson

Send Your Valentines

This lesson integrates creativity, gratitude, and technology, to create a memorable and educational Valentine’s Day classroom experience. Students will express their gratitude for their classmates by writing letters of appreciation and then sending them using bot-to-bot communication.

Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering/Tech, SEL/Digital Citizenship

Grades: 3-5

Download Lesson

By incorporating these Valentine’s Day-themed STEAM activities, we not only engage students in fun and educational experiences but also nurture a sense of belonging and togetherness. From heartfelt card exchanges to innovative crafts and interactive lessons, let’s embrace the spirit of love together!For more standards aligned seasonal lessons check out our February Lesson Spotlight blog post.

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