Ozobot Earth Day STEAM Activities

Earth Day Inspiration: STEAM Activities from K-12 Students

Earth Day is a special day that celebrates the beauty and diversity of our planet, while also raising awareness about the environmental issues it faces today. In honor of our planet, we’ve compiled a list of fun Earth Day-inspired STEAM activities that students have done in the classroom and beyond.

From learning about sustainability and environmental responsibility to discovering the secrets of planetary orbits and understanding the complexities of our solar system, these students are coding Evo to make a positive impact on the planet!

Evo in Orbit 

Jill’s students are reaching for the stars with their latest space exploration project – coding Evo to explore the moon’s orbit around Earth! The sky’s not the limit for these students.

3…2…1…Blast off!

The universe is vast and full of wonder! These students are using their coding skills to explore it all by coding Evos to journey through the planets’ orbits.

Coding for a Cause

Mrs. Clifton’s classroom was coding a cleaner future last Earth Day. Their clean-up activity not only makes our planet healthier but also teaches students to work together to make a positive impact on Earth, one line of code, and one piece of litter, at a time.

Power to our Planet

These students are coding for change at the JER Science Center! We’re proud of their commitment to tackle severe weather and climate change issues over their spring break.


These students are becoming eco-warriors! By learning about waste recycling, they’re making a positive impact on our planet and putting it into practice, coding Evo to manuever around a sustainability map.

Share your creations on social media and use #Ozobot for a chance to be featured on our blog! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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