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Discover an award-winning robotics program trusted in 30,000 schools:

  • Teach coding and STEAM
  • Level up engagement in math and ELA
  • NEW: remote learning support!

21st Century Skills

All Grades & Subjects

One solution for all classrooms

Coding With & Without Screens

Teacher Training

No CS experience required

Desk-Friendly Size

25+ EdTech

Core Coring Curriculum & STEAM Lessons

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees for
content or curricula

Bots –
STEAM Made Simple

Ozobots make it simple to integrate technology in all subjects with 2 Ways to Code–screen-free with patented Color Codes and on-screen with OzoBlockly visual programming.

Desk-friendly, one-inch robots • Zero coding/CS experience required

Source: Teacher survey

Content & Curricula –
STEAM Made Measurable

Teachers use the Ozobot Classroom platform* to train, prep lessons, manage classes, and track growth.

  • Single-click class setup
  • Unlimited lesson downloads
  • Live insights during online & offline lessons
  • Post-lesson formative assessment aids

*FREE with Ozobot Classroom Kit purchases!

Self-Guided Teacher Training

1 hour, interactive training in 2Ways to Code can make any teacher comfortable integrating coding/CS into everyday curriculum.

Ozobot Classroom Lessons

Scoped-and-sequenced Core Coding Curriculum–
with tracks for K-5 (MS & HS coming soon!)

Plus an ever-expanding library of content-integrated lessons including:

K-2 | Math

Non-Standard Measurement with OzoLoops

1-5 | Science

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats

4-8 | Language Arts

Random Story Generator

7-12 | Computer Science

Robotic Warehouse Simulation


21st century skills can double a student’s future salary, but those skills need to go beyond STEM to creativity and critical thinking. By integrating coding/CS into everyday curriculum and giving all students access to the tools to create technology, we prepare them for the jobs and global goals that don’t exist yet.

Inspire the next generation of creators

For 1 educator and 1-2 students (K-12)


  • 1 bot
  • Teacher training in 2 Ways to Code
  • Color Coder markers
  • Charger

For 24-36 students (K-12)


  • 12 or 18 bots
  • Teacher training in 2 Ways to Code
  • Core Coding Curriculum & 100s of STEAM lessons in Ozobot Classroom
  • Charging & storage base
  • Classroom Communicator for boosted
  • Bluetooth (patent pending)
  • Color Code markers, stickers, poster, & more

Start measuring success and student growth with included Ozobot Classroom license code!

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