Ozobot 3D CAD Library

NEW 3D CAD Library: 3D Print Your Own Ozobot Accessories

Got a 3D printer? You can now directly download, share, and 3D print your own Ozobot accessories from our new 3D CAD Library!  

The Ozobot 3D CAD Library offers a range of free 3D printable designs to enhance STEAM learning with Evo and Bit. Read on to explore the variety of 3D models available in the library to print today with more designs coming soon!

Bowling Pins

Strike! These mini bowling pins are sized perfectly for a little bowling ball-shaped bot. Print as many as you like for one or more players!

Evo Case & Bit Case

Protect your Ozobot Evo and Ozobot Bit robots when they’re riding around in your backpack or pocket. This little case keeps the Evo from accidentally turning on and keeps debris out of the optical sensors.  

Evo Pen Holder

Snap this handy pen clip attachment onto your Evo robot to make it into an artist. Try it out with a felt tip pen and one of our Ozobot Blockly programs. 

Evo Hat

Give Evo a little style this season. Accessorize your bot with some new headwear by printing the Evo Hat. 

Evo Dozer & Evo Trailer 

Let’s get moving! Turn your Evo into a mini dozer and mini hauler to push, move and haul around small objects.  


The perfect obstacle for Evo to sense and navigate around. Or use them as “Evo Cargo” with the Evo Dozer and Evo Trailer accessories.  

Evo Puck

Similar to the Barrels, these little pucks are the right size to act as more “Evo Cargo” and can be moved one at a time with Evo Dozer or multiple at once using the Evo Trailer. 

Check out all of the designs in our 3D Cad Library here. Don’t forget to share your 3D creations with us by tagging @Ozobot or #Ozobot on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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