Ozobot Construction Kit - fun games, challenges and more.

The Construction accessory kit adds a new dimension to playing with Ozobot. Use the included accessories and extensions to transform your Ozobot into a personalized miniature construction character.

Get started with markers.

Put on the forklift or buldozer extension over your decorated character skin and transform the included blocks into wooden boxes and TNT crates - are you ready for some action?

To get started, print the maps below and use markers to help Ozobot pick up the load and take it over to its destination. This is simply a starting point to endless adventures limited only by your imagination!

Using markers with Ozobot

Ready for an extra challenge?

Use OzoCodes in your marker drawings to control Ozobot's decisions while performing more complex tasks.

Printing Tips.

The games published in this section have been formatted for home printing and will print nicely using a recent inkjet or color laser printer. For the best possible gaming experience, we recommend printing the PDFs at their original size using your printers’ highest print quality settings on bright white letter-size paper.

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