September OzoThings

September OzoThings – back-to-school edition

The first full month of school has come to an end and we are loving all the Ozobot projects we’ve seen! From dance routines to learning about water cycles, Evo has been busy keeping up with your classroom creations. We can’t wait to see what else you, teachers, have in store for the rest of the school year!

Continue reading to see some of our favorite September STEAM projects and lessons!

Algebra 1 can be fun! 

Math can be a challenge but luckily for the Lone Star Rangers they have Evo to help them out! Students used Color Codes to learn about equations and inequalities and the best part, they had a blast! Keep up the great work Rangers! 

A trip around town

First graders at Van Meter learned about their community and the important places by going on a walk around their school. They then used Color Codes to code Evo on different routes around Van Meter. What a fun activity! 


Students at Poplar Elementary put their Ozobot Blockly skills to the test with this fun and challenging activity. In groups, the students created a maze out of beads and then had to switch mazes with another group to code Evo to go through the maze. 

Water Cycles and Evo 

Students at H.E. Corley Elementary School learned about Water Cycles with one of our community lessons, Water Cycles. They used Color Codes to identify and describe the cycles water goes through. Awesome work Ms.Townsend and Ms.Knoche, keep up the great work! 

Evo dance party 

What’s better than a dance party? An Evo dance party! Students at Citrus Elementary coded their Evo’s using Ozobot Blockly to dance to music of their choice. What an awesome activity to practice using Ozobot Blockly and keep students engaged. 

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