Ozobot Certified Educators

What is it?

Certified Educators (CEs) are teachers, principals and school administrators with extensive knowledge of Ozobot products, lesson plans and teaching resources.

CEs know how to use Ozobots to introduce coding and computer science, and they propose innovative ways to incorporate Ozobot into multi-subject lessons and courses. CEs are also passionate about sharing their knowledge with other educators to improve teaching and learning in the classrooms.

How It Works

ozobot certified educator badge


The following US based individuals are eligible to become CEs

  • Teachers

  • Administrators

  • Curriculum specialists

  • Librarians

  • Professional development/ Educational trainers and consultants


Conference Participation

Ozobot CEs must attend conferences throughout 2017 as a speaker, exhibitor or host of a session or playground featuring Ozobot. They can attend conferences also through 2018.


CEs are expected to create original Ozobot lessons and activities for use in their own classrooms and by other educators

Certified Educator Kit

All CEs receive a Certified Educator Kit that includes Ozobots, merchandise and informational materials. They also get ongoing support from the Ozobot Education Department, including preparation for conferences and presentations and promotion of those events on the Ozobot website and social media platforms.

CEs are granted access to the Ozobot Education Facebook group (OzoAcademy), and are authorized to share knowledge and support with group members. They receive new lesson plans in advance for testing with their schools, classrooms and/or clients. CEs are also granted an official status for their resumes or certifications.

How To Apply

The top 50 applicants will be chosen to represent Ozobot as a Certified Educator for 2017/18. To apply:

  • Complete the online form with general information, your resume and current credentials. Applicants will be selected during three application periods (dates subject to change):

    • July 15th to August 15th

    • November 1st to December 1st

    • March 1st to April 1st

  • You will be notified of your status within four weeks. If accepted to the next round, you will be asked to take a quiz on Ozobot.

  • Top candidates will be invited to individual Skype interviews with the Ozobot Education Department in which you will present a task assigned in advance.

  • CEs will be asked to attend a CE Introductory Webinar and to keep in touch with the Education Department.