Introducing our
Deconstruction Series

Learn like the Leaders

Ask a professional engineer or inventor how they discovered their passion for creativity as a child… they will most likely tell you they loved taking “stuff” apart and rebuilding it to make it better. This concept is the core of the Ozobot Deconstruction Method.


We’ve prepared a series of Computer Science lessons, cleverly disguised as games students can play, deconstruct and then re-build to make their own. Each game builds programming skills as students compete and create, and culminates with a design challenge that is sure to spark your students’ ingenuity. Check out this video for a glimpse of what the Ozobot Deconstruction Method would look like in your classroom.

The Ozobot Deconstruction Series is designed to infuse your classroom with fun and build Computer Science skills from Beginner to Advanced. Our introductory Deconstruction Series lessons are designed for Evo for students Grades 6-8.

Look for new lessons in our Deconstruction Series for Bit and for Grades 2-5 coming soon. And celebrate your students' achievements in coding and creativity using Deconstruction with this downloadable certificate.

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