TCEA 2024 Recap

As they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, and TCEA was no exception! This year’s show boasted a huge turnout of Texas educators with a passion for STEAM, technology and innovation and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

ORA & The ‘Claw Machine’

Ozobot Claw Machine at TCEA 2024
Ozobot Claw Machine at TCEA 2024
Ozobot Claw Machine at TCEA 2024

We dusted off the ORA Claw Machine and took it on the road to give educators a chance to win prizes ranging from a custom Ozobot mousepad with color code tracks, to an Ozobot Classroom Kit! The competition was fierce and we loved seeing teachers really get into the game, experiencing the movements of the 6-axis Ozobot Robotic Arm and walking away with some awesome loot.

Ozobot STEAM Kits

Beloved by students and teachers in classrooms across the country and around the globe, the collection of Ozobot STEAM Kits was a TCEA favorite for the second year in a row. Educators got hands-on with the OzoGoes to the Solar System STEAM Kit, OzoGoes to the Sun, Earth & Moon STEAM Kit, and OzoGoes on a Seesaw STEAM Kit, getting a first-hand look at the NGSS-aligned lessons and activities that come in every box.

Ozobot Curriculum & Classroom

We were so excited to show off the latest version of Ozobot Curriculum, featuring Intro to Color Codes and Intro to Ozobot Blockly for Kindergarten to fifth grade. Ozobot portfolios provide a cohesive sequence of learning experiences and objectives ideal for students just beginning their coding journey. And once they’ve mastered the basics, educators can dive into Ozobot Classroom, where they can filter through over 700 standards-aligned lessons that are free to download with an account!

Evo Coding Robot

Evo is the one-inch robot that can be coded off-screen using color codes and on-screen with Ozobot Blockly or Python and a favorite amongst teachers all across the great state of Texas and beyond! Available in the Evo Entry Kit as well as the 12 & 18 bot Classroom Kit sets, all products in the Ozobot ecosystem pair with Evo to bring STEAM into all K-12 classrooms.

TCEA 2024 was one for the books! We look forward to seeing y’all again next year.

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