To Our Asian & Asian-American Community

We want you to know that we see you and the pain you’re in. These horrible acts of violence targeting Asian & Asian-American women in Atlanta were an indefensible culmination of the aggression you’ve historically faced day-to-day as a community: misogyny, stereotyping, erasure, bias, and scapegoating. You should not have to live in fear of aggression and violence. We are appalled by your accounts of racist acts and outraged by the fear you feel of being a target of hate, and we stand with you in condemning violence (physical, verbal, and non-verbal) against the Asian & Asian-American communities. 

We want to do our part to create space for you in the community and in education—a place where everyone should feel safe, welcome, and understood. Educators, we see you stepping up to help your students process these violent acts while you are hurting and feeling vulnerable yourselves. 

To the Broader Education Community:

We’re organizing a Twitter Chat on April 8th at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET to continue the conversation started by others about conveying the impact of racism on Asian & Asian-American peers, students, and society–specifically actionable steps that can be taken in the classroom. We know many educators want to be allies, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

After the Chat, we’ll update this post with ideas and resources that come out of it.

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